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Encouraging better UNDERSTANDING between the SEXES regarding GENDER, SEXUALITY and CULTURE in a CREATIVE way

Description of the Cause

WoMen Project is a non-profit initiative, aiming to edit a book that will allow an interaction between its writers and readers. Its stories will be themed around personal relationships and the perceptions of these.
By appreciating the stories we hope that the reader becomes motivated to reflect on and better understand particular issues about the sexes, concerning gender, sexuality and culture.

Description of the book:

The book will have an introduction followed by the stories (prose and poetry), presented only by a title. At the end of each story, the reader is invited to guess the sex of the author.
To discover the identity of the person behind the story, the book buyer will have an ID number, with which they can log on to an allocated webpage.There, in an interactive way, the reader could uncover the identity of the writers, rate the quality of the stories and vote for the favourite one.

The Cause and the Book:
The Mystery factor regarding authorship encourages reading without gender discrimination

The interactive postreading interface will promote to break gender barries and sterotypes.

Writers can Submit their verse and/or prose pieces in English or Spanish.
Word documents in font size 12, Times New Roman.
Prose Submissions can be 3000 words maximum per piece.
Title the e-mail "WMP Competition".
Deadline: 7th April.

Writing Competition Dead line 7th April, click to download the poster

Concurso de Escritura, plazo limite 7 abril, haz 'click' para descargar el poster con los detalles

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